Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers Against Andrew Yang

Dear Andrew Yang,

We the undersigned Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) New Yorkers, community members, organizers, and activists oppose your bid to be our next Mayor.

Our city and our communities are in crisis: the COVID-19 pandemic has killed tens of thousands, exacerbated health disparities, deepened a renters’ crisis, and rocketed unemployment. It has also resulted in mass business closures, increased barriers to education, heightened police violence, and led to a rise in anti-APIA hate violence. In this context, APIA communities, which represent 15% of the city’s population, are experiencing the highest poverty rate of any racial and ethnic subgroup, with APIA unemployment rate growing 7000% at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. 

Although many of us have been organizing for more APIA representation in New York City politics, representation alone is simply not enough. As the 2021 mayoral candidate with the most name recognition, your track record, actions, and proposed policies concern us, as they do not uplift marginalized APIA, BIPOC, immigrant, and working class members of this city. Specifically, you’ve:

  1. Perpetuated racist stereotypes and associated with racists. You’ve made anti-Black comments about Venture for America applicants, urged Asian Americans to “show our American-ness” in the face of COVID-19, advocated to give more resources, funding, and credibility to a police department with a history of anti-Asian violence, and refused to condemn the misogynistic and racist behavior of your supporters. In fact, you built your rise to fame on appearances in right-wing podcasts. Recently, you missed a progressive Muslim forum to appear on an alt-right podcast, showing your untrustworthiness on issues of race.
  2. Taken pro-policing stances. You’ve defended policing as a solution to social issues, despite the legacies of police violence against our communities and widespread calls to shrink the NYPD’s encroachment into many city functions. You supported more policing in subways despite police violence against street homeless New Yorkers. In the face of rising anti-Asian hate violence, you’ve called for increased funding for the NYPD hate crimes task force instead of community-based alternatives. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and calls to defund and divest from policing, you continued to support a set of ineffective and superficial reforms like body cameras and name and appearance changes. Your campaign is run by Tusk Strategies, who represented the openly racist New York City’s police union, and supported by Representative Ritchie Torres (NY-15), who has been condemned by mothers of people murdered by the police for his record on policing.
  3. Lacked vision on our most eminent crises, especially housing and homelessness. On housing, you lack a comprehensive plan for safe, quality, affordable housing despite the immense public housing, affordable housing, and homelessness crises. You’ve called for more police in subways instead of housing for street homeless New Yorkers. Many policies on your website, such as in your health agenda, similarly lack vision, concrete actions, and clarity on how you intend to accomplish your stated goals.
  4. Espoused harmful education policies that will hurt our kids. Your history of running a test prep company undoubtedly led to your commitment to segregationist testing and high-stakes educational policy, which harms working class APIA students, the majority of whom do not attend specialized high schools, and 40% of whom are not college-ready upon graduation of high school. You’ve defended NYC’s fundamentally unfair gifted and talented program. You’ve defended the Specialized High School Admissions Test and building of more specialized high schools. Your position on yeshivas and religious schools is the most extreme of all the mayoral candidates and transparently political, prioritizing votes over a child’s right to a basic education. You’ve defended charter schools, despite their deliberate encroachment on public school students, space, and funding. You proposed reducing student loan programs and opposed free college education, which would most help working-class NYC students of color. You have been consistently and explicitly anti-teachers’ union, parroting right-wing talking points on “school choice” and choosing to pit teachers against parents rather than understanding how teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.
  5. Used “progressive” campaign promises to hide regressive policies. Despite your signature universal basic income (UBI) proposal, you’ve failed to articulate a plan to address racial inequities in our economy. Your $2,000-a-year “UBI” proposal is not universal, does not replace an income, and will not resolve deep poverty, a lack of basic healthcare, food insecurity, housing instability, or other inequities. Your proposal keeps many households well under the median national poverty line of $12,490-per-year, an income that already results in homelessness.
  6. Allied with reactionary forces and big business. You’ve continued your history of rejecting proposals to tax the rich and promised loyalty to the elite in meetings with big business, even as residents struggle to meet basic needs. You were recruited, and your campaign is run by Tusk Strategies, who made $100 million by helping Uber infiltrate our city, undermining yellow cab drivers; helped pass Proposition 22 in California preventing app-based drivers there from obtaining minimum wage and benefits; represented the openly racist NYC police union; and have clear conflicts of business interest. You tweeted your preference in partnering with Elon Musk on NYC’s fleet of electric vehicles, a violation of city contracting laws. You have called for increased policing and regulation of street vendors, a largely immigrant and low income workforce that is routinely targeted for harassment and violence by the NYPD and face onerous barriers to providing a service that is part of the vibrant fabric of NYC life. If this is what you’re tweeting, we can only imagine what promises you are making to the rich about NYC’s future behind closed doors.
  7. Exhibited discriminatory practices and workplace toxicity. As the executive of Manhattan GMAT, you fired an employee for getting married and routinely discriminated against other women. Additionally, your 2020 presidential campaign created a culture of widespread misogyny that resulted in female employees being sidelined, bullied, and harassed.
  8. Taken harmful stances on BDS. In an opinion piece in The Forward, you compared the nonviolent, Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement to fascist boycotts of Jewish businesses and accused the movement of being rooted in “antisemitic thought and history.” To conflate valid criticism and resistance against the actions of the Israeli state with antisemitism is to delegitimize the BDS movement, stifle dissent, and to ensure that the occupation of Palestine continues while alienating and ignoring the concerns of thousands of Palestinian New Yorkers.

In 2022, New York City needs a leader who can truly grapple with the complex racial and economic injustices and the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers in the pandemic’s aftermath. There are candidates more aligned with social and racial justice values, with deeper commitments to APIA and BIPOC communities, whose mayoralty would actually benefit our communities, and they are not getting the attention they deserve. We, our loved ones, and our neighbors deserve better. Our communities deserve better. New York City deserves better.


900+ signatories and counting.
Organizational affiliations provided for identification purposes only and do not reflect the views of the organization unless specified. * indicates candidates for political office

Aaron Ouyang, Brooklyn Democratic County Committee Member

Abdullah Younus 

Ada Lin 

Adiba Chowdhury 

Aditi Juneja 

Aditi Sen 

Adler Dylan  

Adrian Gonzalez, National Grid

Adrien Salazar 

Aislinn Luk 

Akiko Ichikawa 

Alan Abraham 

Alan Tam 

Albert Hor 

Alec Chi, CUNY Food Justice Leadership Fellowship

Alex Baumann 

Alex Liao 

Alex Liu 

Alex Smith 

Alex Tuai 

Alexander Wong 

Alexandra Chan, YDSA

Alexandria Woolfe 

Alexis Takahashi, Tsuru for Solidarity

Alice Lee, Asian Americans for Black Lives (AABL)

Alicia Wu 

Alison Chang 

Alison Chi 

Allen Keith Yee 

Allen Lum 

Allison Park 

Ally Lee 

Aly Panjwani 

Alyssa K. Howard 

Ame Hayashi 

Amy Hsin, DOE SDAG Member, Associate Professor CUNY Queens

Amy Kao 

Amy Kwak 

Amy L. 

Amy Tran  

Amy Tsai, Citywide Council for District 75, CBWCHC, PAC New Settlement

Amy Wang 

Amy Wang (Manhattan) 

Amy Wu 

Amy Zhang  

Andrea Li 

Andrea Shang 

Andrea Wagner 

Andrea Wong 

Andres D Chang 

Andrew A. Ortiz 

Andromeda Han 

Aneesh Sheth 

Angela Cho 

Angela Dizon 

Angela Vo 

Angela Zhu 

Angelene Superable, Executive Vice-President, New York Pan-Asian Democrats

Anita Jain 

Anita Wang 

Anju Suresh 

Ann Harada 

Anna Lee 

Anna Wu 

Anna Zheng  

Anne Hsu 

Annette Cheng 

Annie Chou 

Annie Hsu 

Annie Tan 

Annie Wang 

Annie Zheng  

Anthony Alic 

Aomeng Cui 

Apimanee Bulsombut 

Arabelle Sicardi  

Ariel Estrada, Leviathan Lab, Inc.

Ariel Hsu 

Aries Dela Cruz 

Aritro Sarkar 

Arsenia Reilly-Collins 

Arturo Humberto Enamorado III, Southside Action Pact

Ash Suh 

Ashil Lee 

Ashley Chen  

Ashley Wu 

Asians 4 Abolition 

August Tang 

Austin Kim 

Ayami Hatanaka 

Ayisha Irfan  

Bahareh Soltani 

Bareera Abid 

Baunnee Martinez 

Ben Chan 

Benjamin Abraham 

Benjamin Don 

Benjamin Setiawan 

Bethany Yeap 

Bianca B. Li 

Bianca Marie Carpio 

Binh Hoang 

Blair Sordetto 

Bokyung Kim  

Bonnie Huang 

Bradley Tangonan 

Brandon Cornel 

Bright D Limm 임대중 

Brittany Clark 

Caitlin Gilbert 

Caitlin Kawaguchi, Brooklyn Democratic County Committee Member

Calise Jin 

Carey Tan 

Carlos Hernández 

Carmen Huang 

Carol Yang 

Carolina Đỗ, Asians4Abolition 

Caroline Chan 

Caroline Hugh 

Caroline Ng 

Caroline To 

Carolyn Tran* 

Cathlin Goulding 

Celeste Yim 

Chalay Chalermkraivuth 

Charles Lin 

Charlie Harris 

Chen Wun 

Cher Lau 

Cheryl Wu, MD 

Chihiro Fukai, Brooklyn Eviction Defense

Chloe Chang 

Chloe Truong-Jones 

Chloe Wong 

Chloe Y. Lin 

Chong Bretillon 

Chris Xu 

Christal Yu 

Christie Sohn 

Christina Bai 

Christina Eng 

Christina Mar 

Christina Schnabel 

Christine Chang  

Christine Deng 

Christine Liu 

Christopher Natoli 

Cindy Gao 

Cindy Trinh 

claire chang 

Claire E. Cramer 

Claire Pettengill 

Cordelia Yu 

Cory Nomura 

Cynthia Chang 

Cynthia Liu

Cynthia Pong 

Dan Hong 

Dania Rajendra 

Danica Sapit 

Daniel Cheng 

Daniel Chew, CFGNY

Daniel Fethke 

Daniel Kang 

Daniel Lim 

Daniel Lu 

Daniel Maiuri 

Daniel Nevitt 

Daniel Ngai 

Daniel Seo 

Daniel Tak 

Daniel Y. Shin, Queens County Democratic County Committee Member, AD34/ED27

Daniel Yao 

Daphne Sietz 

Darin Buzon 

David Eun 

David Huynh 

David Li 

David Wang 

Deana K. Yu 

deborah ko 

Deepa Alagesan 

Deepali Gupta 

Dena Igusti  

Denis Yu 

Dennis C Chin 

Dennis Rim 

Desmond Zantua 

Devashish Basnet, CUNY for Abolition and Safety

Diana Hou, Asians 4 Abolition

Diana Khong 

Diane Chang 

Diane Wong 

Dipona Bandy 

Divesh Brahmbhatt 

Divesh S Brahmbhatt 

Divya Karthikeyan 

Diya Vij 

Doreen Mohammed 

Dorline Yee 

Dorothy Jiang 

Dustin Chinn 

Duyen Spigelman 

Dylan Omori McCombs 

Ed Vierra 

Edward Hong 

Elaine H. Kim 

Elaine Tang 

Eli Tamondong 

Elise Dong 

Eliza Migdal 

Eliza Seki 

Elizabeth Chen 

Elizabeth Oh, NYC Democratic Socialists of America

Ellen Friedman 

Elton Wong 

Emily Cox 

Emily Li 

Emily Mock 

Emily Ng 

Emma Rehac, IntegrateNYC, Youth Alliance for Housing

Emmy Catedral 

Eric Tien, South Brooklyn Mutual Aid, Fight for our Lives NYC

Erica Jung 

Erin Baiano 

Erinrose Mager 

Eugene Varghese 

euni jeon 

Eva Ting 

Fahd Ahmed 

Fainan Lakha 

Fannie Ip 

Farah Khimji 

Farihah Akhtar 

Felix Lecocq 

Felix Zhou 

Ferris Tseng 

Fiona Teng 

Flora Ichiou Huang 

Frances Bello, Stony Brook University

Frances Huang 

Francesca Fiorentini 

Francis Tseng 

Futaba Shioda 

GAPIMNY—Empowering Queer & Trans Asian Pacific Islanders 

Garrett Kim 

Gene Liaw 

Gideon Bautista 

Gina Baurile 

Gina George 

Gina Hsu 

Gina Lee 

Gloria M Lin 

Goutam Gajula 

Haarin Kwon 

Hailie Kim* 

Hallie Yee  

Hana Le, Legal Aid Society

Hana Suzuki Seligman 

Hannah Tom, Democratic Socialists of America

Harini Kannan 

Haris Khan 

Harkeet Pannu 

Harry Kassen 

Heena Sharma 

Helen Ho 

Helen Hu 

Helen Zhao 

Helen Zhong 

Helene Kim 

Heng Zhang 

Henriette Rieffel 

Hess park  

Hikalu Takahashi 

Hoi Nguyen 

Holly Sansom 

Howie Chen 

Huanjie Li 

Huiwen Zou 

Hyeseung Yoo 

Ian Kit Nicolas 

Ian Paredes 

Idana Wilson 

Idana Wilson 

Inkook Choi 

Iphigenia Seong 

Irwin Leopando, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

Isabel K. Lee 

Isabel Yun-ru Chen 

Isha Patnaik 

Istredd Cheng  

Izabel Mar 

Jacinda  Lin 

Jackie Lee, National Lawyers Guild

Jade Williams 

Jaime Cho 

Jaimie Zhang 

James Boo 

James Factora 

James Gui 

James Kim 

James Lee 

Jamie Tyberg, Nodutdol 

Janak Ramakrishnan 

Jane Chung 

Janet Kwon 

Janine Rafio 

Jasmine McAllister, Democratic Socialists of America

Jason Kwong 

Jason Li 

Jason Wu 

Jay Julio, Justice Committee

Jay Wu 

Jaya Saxena 

Jean Bae 

Jean Hon 

Jeanne Hou 

Jeannette Lee 

Jeffrey Cheung 

Jeffrey Chung 

Jen Choi 

Jen Lu 

Jenn Chen 

Jenn Simons 

Jennifer Chan 

Jennifer Chen 

Jennifer Chiao 

Jennifer Ching 

Jennifer Juang 

Jennifer Lu 

Jennvine Wong 

Jenny Xu 

Jensine Raihan 

Jeremy Chan-Kraushar 

Jess McLeod, SDC

Jesse Chung 

Jessica Lee 

Jessica Quiason 

Jessica Zhang 

Jessie Peterson 

Ji Hae Byun, Livin

Jih-E Peng 

Jihye Simpkins, Youth Against Displacement, YDSA 

Jill Fowle 

Jo Dong 

Joanna Carpenter 

Joanna De Jesus Flores , Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

JoAnna Kang 

Joanne Suk 

Jocelyn Lee 

Jodi Chao 

Joe Schatzle 

Joe Schatzle 

John Kershner 

John Wong 

Johnathan Gibbs, Black and Asian Alliance Network

Jon Kern 

Jonathan Castanien 

Jonathan Chang 

Jonathan Jin 

Jonathan L Su 

Joon Park 

Joseph Caballero 

Josephine Tong  

Josh Byun 

Joyce Chan 

Joyce Keokham 

Joyce Kim  

Judas Wiley 

Judy Huang 

Judy Yu 

Julia Izumi 

Julia Shu 

Julia Zhong 

Julie Aguilera Fox 

Julie Chen  

Julie Xu 

Jun Jie Chang 

Justin Chen 

Justin Green, National Finance Director, US Youth Climate Strike

Justine Lai 

Kai-Lin Kwek-Rupp 

Kaity Li 

Kalani Van Meter , Indigenous Student Union at the School of Visual Arts, NYC

Kalaya’an Mendoza  

kam bik fai 

Kameel Mir 

Karen Cheung 

Karen Chien 

Karen Liu, Grand Tea & Imports 

Karen Oh 

Kat Le 

Kate Lee 

Kathleen Ma 

Kathleen Tso 

Kathy Nguyen 

Katya Ekimoto 

Kazuka Tokunaga 

Kazumi Sakamoto 

Kelly Nakashima 

Kelly Ng 

Kelsea Suarez 

Kenji Endo 

Kenny Nguyen 

Kent Tong 

Kestine Thiele 

Kevin Chan 

Kevin Hu 

Kevin Lee 

Kevin Seo 

Kevin V. 

Kevin Zhang 

Khunsa Amin 

Kim Chan 

Kim Savarino 

Kimber Lee 

Kit Yan 

Konrad Aderer, filmmaker

Kris Choe 

Kris Seto 

Kristin Maglabe, CUNY School of Law

Kristin Moser 

Kristina Bassi 

Kristine Hizon, New American Leaders

Kuhoo Verma 

Kyle Lui  

Kyle Rapiñan 

Kyoung H. Park, Kyoung's Pacific Beat

Laura Kung 

Laura Liu 

Laura W 

Lauren Luo 

Lauren Winn 

Lauren Wolfinger, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem

Leah Nanako Winkler 

Leila Arisa 

Lena Yen 

Lex Bansil 

Leying Julie Yao 

Liana Chow 

Ligaiya Romero 

LiJia Gong 

Lily Kong 

Lily Lin 

Lily Randall 

Limin Li 

Lin Li 

Linda Young 

Lindsey Twigg 

Lisa Chen 

Lisa Kim, SUNY Downstate 

Lisa Ko 

Lisa Lu 

Lisa Nguyen 

Loren Bello 

Lu Liu 

Lucy Wang 

Lydia Ding 

Lynn Shon 

Lynna Zhong 

M Campbell 

Mabel Hsu 

Madhuri Shukla 

Magdalene Lim 

Maggie Rempe 

Maha Akhtar 

Mahtab Khan, QUIP & MDCNY

Mai Hariu-Powell 

Mailey Nguyen 

Makoto Manheim 

Malaika Queaño 

Malcolm Sanborn-Hum 

Mallika W 

Manvir Singh 

Margaret Lee 

Margaret Wang 

Maria Gee 

Maria Kaufer 

Marion Yuen 

Marivic Tagala 

Mark Libatique 

Martha Yoshida 

Martin Kim

Martin Nguyen 

Maryam Diallo 

Mashuq Deen, Flare BKNY

Matthew Hawkins 

Matthew Jaimes 

May Takahashi 

May Vutrapongvatana 

Maya Pinto 

Maya Tanaka 

Mee Young Jeong 

Meg Young 

Megumi Haggerty 

Meiyee Mak 

Mel Gagarin  

Melani DEGuzman  

Melissa Liu 

Melody Yang 

Meropi Peponides 

Merry Wu 

Miana Tran 

Michael Gan 

Michael Stewart 

Michael Yoon 

Michelle Bounkousohn 

Michelle Chen 

Michelle Gan 

Michelle H. Lee 

Michelle Kwong 

Michelle Ming 

Michelle Nigro 

Michelle Truong 

Michelle Y Lee 

Michelle Yang 

Mieko Gavia 

Mike Hawk 

Mike Nguyen 

Ming Lok  

Misha Han 

Mohammed Sarker 

Molly Chen 

Mon Mohapatra

Monica Chen 

Monica Koh 

Murtaza Husain , Brooklyn Defender Services 

My Le, Public Defender in the Bronx

N. Pollack 

Nana Dakin 

Nancy Ahn 

Nancy Lee 

Nancy Nguyen 

Naomi Reis 

Natasha Sinha, Amplifying Activists Together

Nathan Chan  

Nathan Henderson 

Nathaniel Kato 

Naved Khan 

Navin Eluthesen 

Navjot Pal Kaur, Kaur Republic 

Negar Esfandiari 

Neha Savant 

Neha Sundaram 

Neisa Yin 

Nicholas Betito 

Nicholas Loh 

Nicole Chen 

Nicole Hirayama 

Nicole Kim 

Nikita Nangia 

Nina Guttapalle 

Nowshin Tabassum 

Olivia Lim 

Olivia Quintana 

Ozzie Araujo 

Paolo Villanueva 

Patricia Kusumaningtyas 

Patricia Ming Chou (周明) 

Paul Henri Del Prado Doble, Sige

Paul Tse 

Paul Vergara 

Pauline Park 

Paullette Healy, CCSE/PRESSNYC/RJPS/D75 parent advocate

Phoebe De Padua 

Phoenix Casino 

Pimpila Howe 

Priya Elangovan 

Priya Mulgaonkar 

Qinghong Xu 

Rachel Chen 

Rachel Hu, ANSWER Coalition

Rachel Lau 

Rachel Soo-Hing Connolly 

Raffy Bunal 

Rajit Iftikhar 

Raju Thomas 

Ramond Lin 

Rapi Castillo 

Raymond Lee 

rea tajiri 

Rebecca An 

Rebecca John  

Rebecca Wyzan 

Rekha Malhotra 

Rene Guo, Yale Divinity School

Reshad Hai 

Ria Modak 

Rita Akincilar 

Rita Wang 

Rita Zheng 

Riya Patel 

Rochelle Li 

Rohan Zhou-Lee, The Blasian March, Founder

Ronni Hua 

Roona Ray 

Rosa Bordallo 

Rose Liu  

Rose Nguyen, Asian Americans for Black Lives

Ru Ya Ren 

Russell Low 

Ruth kim 

Ryan Mannion 

Ryan Vinh 

S. Nam 

S. Simran Kaur  

Sabine Chishty 

Sabrina Hua 

Sabrina Kiamilev 

Saleem Gondal 

Sam Brandt 

Sam Chanse 

Sam Lozada 

Samantha Hom 

Samantha Kumar 

Samantha Le  

Samantha Rizon 

Samantha Siu, Columbia University

Samantha Son 

Samara Khan 

Sameeha Rizvi  

Sami Smith 

Samir Lavingia 

Sana Qutubuddin 

Sandhya Kajeepeta 

Sandie Cheng 

sandra chen 

Sandra Kumwong 

Sandy C 

Sanoja Bhaumik 

Sarah Chien 

Sarah Ma, The Socialist Penguins & Institute for Youth In Policy: YIPSocialists

Sarah ngu  

Sarah Yung 

Sarena Tien 

Sarika Saxena 

Sarina Xie 

Sasha Vivek 

Sasha Wijeyeratne 

Scot Y Nakagawa, ChangeLab

Scott Ho 

Sea Chan 

Seelai Karzai 

Senti Sojwal, Asian American Feminist Collective

Seongeun Chun 

Serena Mathews 

Serena Yang 

Shaniyat Chowdhury 

Shanna T. 

Shannon Cheung, MSW 

Sharon Kim 

Sharon Park 

Shaun Hui 

Sherri Billimoria 

Shi Yan Liu 

Shino Tanikawa 

Shirley Luong 

Shirley Zhang 

Shraddha Maharjan 

Shrutikona Das 

Sidra Ahmad 

Sigmund Shen 

Simmi Kaur 

Simon Chen 

Simran Fernandes 

Simran Parkash 

Sitra Bowman 

Siu Li GoGwilt 

Socheatta Meng  

Sonalee M. Rau 

Sonam Singh 

Soniya Munshi 

Sooah Kim 

Sophia Baik 

Sophie Cohen 

Stacy Shau 

Stefani Kuo 

Steph Lee 

Steph Yim 

Stephanie Chen 

Stephanie Chiu 

Stephanie Kang 

Stephanie Kyuyoung Lee 

Stephen Glauser, Russell Sage Foundation

Suah Kim 

Sue Yee Chen 

Sultana Wahab 

Sulu LeoNimm 

Sumaiyah Ahmed 

Summer Than 

Sunanda Jalote 

Suneil Sanzgiri, More Perfect Union

Sunny Ng 

Suresh Dianand, GAPIMNY

Susan Kang 

Susan Misra 

Susan Zhou  

Sushmita Roy 

Swati Sawant  

Syed Ali 

Syeda Anees Tyaba Hasnain 

T. Baker 

Taehoon Kim 

Taiyo Na  

Talisa Chang 

Tamio Spiegel 

Tammy Truong 

Tanisha Aggarwal, Columbia University

Tanya Nguyen, Black and Pink NYC

Tara Gupta 

Tareq Mahmud 

Tasfia Rahman 

Tasnim Rida 

Tatiana Doyle 

Tazin Azad  

Teline Tran 

Ten Izu  

Terence Cortez 

Terry Ding 

Tess Griffin 

Thahitun Mariam 

Theodore Lau 

Theresa Thanjan 

Theresa Vu 

Thiviya Navaratnam 

Thomas  Zhang  

Tianlang Shan 

Tiffany Dimm 

Tiffany Gong 

Tiffany Huang, MPH 

Tiffany Lu 

Tiffany Yee-Vo 

Tina K. 

Todd Ayoung 

Tomie Arai 

Tony Vo 

Tracy Clark  

Trang Nguyen 

Treya Lam 

Tri Vo, The SEAD Project

Trisa Taro 

Trudy Joseph 

Ujju Aggarwal 

Uyen Dinh 

Valerie Chong Nigg 

Vanphi Nguyen 

Vayne Ong 

Vera Lam 

Vicki Niu, Asians 4 Abolition

Victoria Lopez 

Vileti 'Akolo 

Vinay Krishnan 

Vincent Fang 

Vipul Chopra 

Vivian Kuo, Corcoran 

Vivian Truong 

Wanda Young 

Weishin Huang 

Wennie Chin 

William Diep 

William Hsu 

William Li 

Wilma Chen 

Winnie Wong 

Wynton Wong 

Xandra Elibeth Salazar 

Xengie Doan 

Xiao Xu 

Yan Jiang 

Yao Chang, New York City Anti-Violence Project

Yasmeen Farah 

Yaya Yuan 

Yen Ko 

Yin Q 

Yingchao He 

Yingfei Wu 

Yoko Sakao Ohama 

Yosub Kim 

Ysabel Jasa 

Ysabella Monton 


Yuli Hsu 

YuLing Koh Hsu 

Yuna Park  

Yunfei Li 

Yuuto Kuroki 

Yves Tong Nguyen, Red Canary Song, S&P NY

Zain Khan 

Zainab Kahloon 

Zenea Mou 

Zhen Zeng  

Zhi Keng He 

Zumina Ruedella

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